Lumia Closing

Katiedid88 Online posted Tue at 16:29

As of the end of this month, Lumia will be closing. We’ve had a good run and a lot of fond memories. But I think the time has come to end this chapter. There’s a chance that we may bring Lumia back but that will take some time. We’ll be closing down the website, Facebook and Discord group over the next few weeks. Thanks for the support you have shown Lumia and for being a big part of what has kept us alive for so long. 

Hello everyone! A little over a week ago I created a poll asking you guys if you'd like to see Lumiacraft Creative bring back build-offs. 2 voted for yes, and 4 voted for yes, but do it differently.

Starting February 11th to February 18th Lumiacraft Creative will be holding a week long build-off! The theme is "Valentine's Day". But there is a catch! You can only use the following colors in your building palette: red, white, pink, and black. The first place winner of this weeks build-off will receive 20 Mystery Boxes, your build on Lumiacraft's website, Discord, Planet Minecraft, and all Lumiacraft's social medias and WorldEdit for one week!

To get to the event world just do /warp eventworld!

Good luck to everyone that will be joining this event! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to message me (GoneSovereign AKA Bree) on the server, website, or Discord.

Hello everyone! The Lumiacraft Staff Team has some excited news for you all! We have two new staff additions to the Lumiacraft Staff Team!

PaintedKitsune has been promoted to a moderator and Flakes has joined the team again to take over his developer position!

Give PaintedKitsune and Flakes a warm welcome to the staff team! Both Kitsune and Flakes will do a wonderful job to help Lumiacraft become better than it already is!

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