Creative Ranking Guide

Alright, so, you are looking to rank up in Creative, eh? Well, there are 10 ranks to progress through (as well as the Guest rank, which you start as). As you rank up, you will recieve more perks to increase your building ability, and create interesting new structures.
Here is how to ascend through the ranks and become the ultimate builder: a Grand Architect.
(The pale yellow text tells you how to move on from the rank in the header of the paragraph, and onto the next rank.)

Guest - (Guest)
You get the Guest rank just by logging into the server! You have everything you need in order to begin building in a 35x35 plot, but will be unable to rank up from building.
To get the next rank, you must post your IGN (Minecraft username) on our forums (here) and wait to be ranked up by a member of staff. If you are not ranked up within a few days, don't be afraid to gently prompt the staff - they are forgetful...

Member - (I)
Rank I is pretty much the same as Guest, except now you are able to rank up!
To get Rank II, you need to use your 35x35 plot effectively, filling it with a build that fits a single, defined theme. Usage of vanilla trees and bonemealed grass will make you less likely to rank up, so please avoid using them. If your build contains a structure, such as a house, please make sure that the interior and exterior are complete to basic standards.

Novice - (II)
At Rank II, you will have access to more, larger plots!
To get Rank III, you will be expected to attempt basic terraforming, and have a higher level of detail than your previous build, but still following the same guidelines for that promotion. A 75x75 plot is recommended, so there is no excuse for your build to feel cramped. Remember: with every rank, you should improve from your last!

Adventurer - (III)
At Rank III, you will be able to begin using the Flat World to create even larger builds than before!
To get the next rank, you should have all aspects of your builds completed fully and well. Your interior, exterior, and terraforming should be done well and flow together. You should also show a variety of block usage rather than one or two styles for your entire build - although, try not to have any areas that feel chaotic or cramped! It is not necessary to leave the plot world behind, but it is recommended.

Apprentice - (IV)
At Rank IV, you will finally have access to basic WorldEdit! Although this is a useful tool, do not rely on it, as your build will look unnatural, and you may not be ranked.
To be promoted to Rank V, your build should be much larger and fully developed. There should be a variety of blocks used as well as good space management, such as building higher into the air, or expanding into underground spaces. Your build should have all aspects finished to a good standard. Be innovative - staff are more likely to like something they haven't seen 100 times before!

Builder - (V)
You will get more WorldEdit tools as you progress on from here, as well as higher expectations for your building standards! From here onwards, it will be more difficult to rank up, so you must put a lot of effort into perfecting your builds!
A promotion to Designer needs to show dynamic design, such as a thoughtful floor plan and layout of the build before building. Unique styles that vary from one part of the build to another are also expected. Your build should also begin to have more organic additions, such as relying less on hard corners, overused blocks, as well as utilising hand-made trees and landscaping. Remember that multiple staff members will probably have a say in whether to grant you this promotion (and other promotions, further on), and that many of them will be looking for different things.

Designer - (VI)
This rank shows that you have come far from the initial dirt houses and survival-build skills that many people start out with. You have learnt to make aesthetically-pleasing things from a limited palette of blocks, but you still need to advance further - nothing will get in your way!
To gain Engineer, you need to start thinking like one. Make sure your build is planned out before you start so you know where everything will be and you don't run into space issues or empty spaces. Your other building aspects need to show your skills even more so for this promotion. As always, your work will be compared with your prior builds, as we are looking for improvement.

Engineer - (VII)
Okay, time to go big or go home... But still remember to stop and smell the 175:4!
To prove yourself worthy of the next rank from here, you will need to exceed all of your prior work and increase the scale of your build - it is highly recommended that you claim a large, flat area to begin building in. You will be expected to have a good knowledge of how to use WorldEdit effictively, whilst also being able to incorporate a high-quality level of detail. Remember: try to use as few repetitive patterns in your build as possible, and work on giving it a lot of interesting variety!

Artisan - (VIII)
You have made it this far, don't back down now!
The next rank is rank IX, or Architect, a rank that will require you to outperform everything you've done before on the server all in one build. Judging for this rank is exceedingly harsh, so every small detail of your build is going to be scrutinized. In addition to your prior builds, your application for this rank will be compared against past submissions and those of other Architects.

Architect - (IX)
So close, but yet so far...
As the highest building rank on the server, it is the gateway to earning Voxel and full WorldEdit. To earn this rank, your build needs to rival the best of the best. A build worthy of Grand Architect would require a massive amount of effort, time, skill, and scale. Your build should absolutely amaze at every turn. An application for this rank requires each staff member to give their input on each tiny detail and decide if they think this build is worthy of the rank. If a staff member finds a flaw, then they are capable of denying your build by citing that reason. This is the harshest promotion and the most difficult to achieve.

Grand Architect - (X)
As Grand Architect, you have proven yourself as one of the best builders on Lumia, if not, the entirety of Minecraft history! You have spent so much time and effort on your buildings, and have been rewarded with full WorldEdit permissions, and Voxel Sniper! You have grown so much since you first started building... Still, you can't help but wonder what comes next...

Other Ranks

Iron VIP - ($)
Donate $5+ to Lumiacraft

Gold VIP - ($)
Donate $10+ to Lumiacraft

Diamond VIP - ($)
Donate $15+ to Lumiacraft, or gain a 1 day trial of this rank by winning an event.

Dedicated - ()
Be a loyal member of the Lumiacraft community.