Server Rules

These rules are to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all players on Lumiacraft. Not following the rules will lead to a warning, which, if not obeyed, can result in muting, being kicked from the server, or, for more severe rules, being banned from the server.

If you are banned for any reason, you may appeal by making a post in the appeals section of our forums.

Player Relations - (1)

i - Respect others, keep all comments constructive and respectful, remember that some players may be new to Minecraft. This also works the other way around, so, if someone gives you a suggestion for your build, please do not act harshly toward them.

ii - Do not use offensive language toward other players. This includes racist, sexist, ableist, and all other forms of derogatory language.

iii - Do not discuss political, religious, or other controversial topics on the server.

iv - No griefing (damaging) other players' builds. If a player has trusted you on their claim, that does not give you permission to make unwanted changes.

v - Do not steal from other players.

vi - Please be respectful to the staff. They are players much like yourselves and volunteer their time and energy to helping keep Lumiacraft a good environment for the community to play. Accept any constructive criticism given to you by staff members.

vii - Anyone with an offensive username or skin will be banned until they change it to something more suitable.

viii - English only in general chat. You may speak other languages in private messages.

ix - Players are not allowed to invite other Lumia players to private Discord channels or private message them about private Discord channels.

Spam and Advertising - (2)

i - Do not spam (repeatedly post the same, or similar, message) in the chat, and do not spam any other players or staff in private messages.

ii - Do not advertise for other servers or online games. Do not encourage other players to leave the server to join you elsewhere.

iii - Only create one ticket for your build to be reviewed, and only once your build has been completed.

iv - Do not advertise personal social media, YouTube channels, or streaming websites in global chat.

v - Do not roleplay in global chat.

Building Regulations - (3)

i - Do not build offensive things (e.g. nudity, political symbolism, offensive words).

ii - Do not build lag machines or redstone clocks.

iii - Do not build too close to someone else's build without permission.

iv - Please don't build rollercoasters in Creative.

v - Do not build 1-block-wide towers ("nerdpoles").

vi - Do not use beacons in Creative unless they serve a purpose in your build.

vii - Do not keep too many animals in one area in Survival, as it causes lag.

Abuse of Permissions - (4)

i - Do not ask staff for special permissions (e.g. staff ranks, VIP ranks, perks).

ii - Do not ask for a promotion unless you have already completed a build and have submitted a ticket.

iii - Do not complain about staff decisions or the rank at which players unlock certain perks. If you wish to make a suggestion about this, post your ideas in our forum.

iv - Do not do anything to deliberately cause lag (over-using WorldEdit/VoxelSniper, building lag machines, detonating lots of TNT).

v - Do not use /nick to impersonate other players, and do not use it to change your name to offensive/profane words.