Hi Everyone… We want to tell you about some new exciting features that we have just added to Lumia. First we have a PVP arena where you can battle your friends. And there’s no fear of losing your inventory. If you die, a deathchest will drop and you can retrieve your items when you respawn into the game. You can get to the arena by doing /warp pvp. There are also some fishing docks just outside of the PVP arena if you want to try your hand at some relaxing angling.

The second addition is Blockquest, a minigame where you have to find specific blocks and can get rewards in return. There are 24 blocks that are scattered across the spawn and PVP arena. To learn more about Blockquest, you can go here.

Also we will be bringing back the Discord voice chat, which has been popular in the past. In order to join you will need to submit an application. You can find that here.

If you see Bree (GoneSovereign), please be sure to say thank you for her hard work in putting all this together and helping to keep Lumia alive!

We hope you’ll log in to Lumia and try out the new features. There’s lots more to come, so stay toned!

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