As what was coined by many as Lumia 2.0 comes to a close, I am working on determining the future of the server.

I have talked to many of those that remember the original Lumia, a simpler time, a small server and a close knit community and it is my plan to take the server back to its roots and a time that many of us remember as the best times for Lumia.

Phase one of rebuilding the server will be to create a museum world holding many of the old builds (some pre 2014) as well as the real history of Lumia based on information put together by old staff and players and fact checked with information on the web. This goes back to before Lumia’s existence and when Twiice, the founder of Lumiacraft, was trying to come up with a name for the server. Lumia Museum will be a view-only world and everyone will be welcome to visit.

Phase two of Lumia will be a custom build player world with a specific build theme and building guidelines, but that is set for later this year, possibly late spring or early summer. So I hope you’ll stay tuned as Lumia makes its return home.

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